The Dell Lesson: Listen Up!

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Last week – through the kind invitation of Nicole (@nicoleatdell) Gemmell – I had the privilege of meeting Dell’s Global Social Media lead, Richard (@ByJove) Margetic at an event in Sydney.  We had a wide ranging chat roaming around the short history of Social Media in business, and as well as being very interesting it was […]

Social Networking: When Loose Ties Draw Tighter

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Early on in my learning about Social Media I came across the concept of “The Loose Tie Network” and it has defined my understanding of Social Networking ever since (first explained to me by Kate @kcarruthers Carruthers  and Stephen @trib Collins .)  The simple idea is that the tenuous acquaintance afforded by Social Networks like LinkedIn and Network; […]

Social Themes Trending in 2013

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One week back on deck after a long break in India and its very clear 2013 is well under way now, and I’m busy getting my brain around what 2013 holds in store for Social.  There have been a lot of “Social trends for 2013″ type articles and posts, but one that proved more thought […]