Facebook Raises Its Engagement Game

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Facebook is always tweaking and fiddling with its service, and very seldom do these changes deliver real value to the users, they are mainly focussed – it seems to me – on serving Facebook Advertisers’ needs, or certainly the sales pitch of those selling to those advertisers.  However, an apparently minute change introduced yesterday US […]

Building your Profile and Network using “Affinity Content”

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When I first started using Twitter, back in January 2008, I hit the same roadblock everyone does:  “What do I say?” In fact, some people never get past that moment and become simply consumers of Social content rather than contributors to it.  These users have become derogatively known as “lurkers”.  But that rather short-sighted opinion […]

Don’t hang up on the Social Phone!

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The Cloud is a godsend for a small business or lone operator like myself.  No end of mission-critical applications in The Cloud support my work with ever-up internet services and intuitive iOS apps available for the iPad and iPhone.  Google Drive has become essential very quickly and very nicely for free replacing the need for […]