My #SalesforceCeBIT Conference Highlights

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CeBit Australia really got its teeth into the subject of Social this year through a partnership with my former employer, – a company doing more than most I think to equip business with the right tools for their Social campaigns.  The program was excellent and while I couldn’t get to everything I wanted to, […]

Six lessons from the guys who #Social-ed Obama into Office

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Thanks to the generosity of a good friend I had the privilege last week of hearing from two of the real pioneers in the use of Social Media to get a message across.  Described by their host, ABC journalist Michael (@M-Brisso) Brissenden, as the Led Zeppelin of Nerdsville; Joe (@Rospars) Rospars and Stephen (@mullerstephen) Muller of Blue […]

Twenty Years on: The Web Links Words not Pages

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You have to have been hiding under a rock to miss that CERN – the organisation behind the first web site – have this week re-launched that original Web site to celebrate its 20th anniversary.  It’s terribly hard to believe that the World Wide Web is no longer a teenager and is a full twenty […]