Social Media Policies: Because Loose Tweets Sink Fleets!

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ABC Radio’s Law Report (@LawReportRN) with Damien (@damien_carrick) Carrick this week was a fascinating examination of the implications of Social Media on the already delicate relationship between employer and employee.  With expert guests from law firms Herbert Smith Freehills and Slater Gordon, the 25 minute show examines the legal and HR ramifications of four cases where employees had […]

Three Key Steps to Securing your Personal Brand Online

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Lately I have been doing some network development work for a client and so as a result have spent a lot of time searching for a targeted list of senior executives.  It has jumped out at me how many senior business people simply aren’t attending to their online and Social brand.  For those at the […]

Five ways SMBs can use Blogging to level the playing field

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“Blogging gives small business global reach at extremely low cost.”  So said the Godfathers of the Blog, Shel @shelisrael Israel and Robert @scobleizer Scoble, in their 2006 Blogging Bible, Naked Conversations (pictured).  Although seemingly an ancient text now in the fast moving world of Social Media, the plethora of truisms throughout this book (still in […]