About Gareth Llewellyn

Senior PR professional with 19 years’ Public Relations experience working both agency-side and in-house – in the UK and Australia – for brands such as VMware, Dell, Toshiba, AOL, Yahoo, EMC, BenQ, Panasonic, SAP, BT. Most recently, roles as the Corporate Communications Manager for Oracle (four years) and Salesforce.com (18 months).



The Artechulate Back Story…


Gareth is by far one of the world’s leading practitioners in Social media communications. His instinct for navigating Social conversations is an asset for any company who wants to build its brand and cut through the noise.

Chi Hea Cho, VP International PR, Salesforce.com

In January 2008 Gareth opened his Twitter account – @mrgareth, not two years after the platform itself was founded.  Very quickly he began using it in conjunction with an informal blogging platform to meet a challenging mandate from his employer, Oracle – communicate the message but without the press.  Since then, he has assembled quite unparalleled expertise and experience in the use of a plethora of Social channels for business to business Corporate Communications.

Gareth was one of the few professional communicators that married bleeding edge knowledge with real world common sense and application.  His ability as a natural writer, combined with an understanding of how organisations, and executives of those organisations, should communicate puts him in a very rare box of being able to provide strategic counsel as well as delivering very tangible outputs.

Samuel Hall, Head of Social Media, Vodafone.

Blending such expertise with nearly two decades in traditional Public Relations experience in the technology sector – working with companies such as Dell, British Telecom, EMC, America Online and Toshiba – Gareth was in a unique position to understand how to use Social Media to convey corporate messages, develop relationships, cultivate influencers, build audience and ultimately increase sales.

Gareth is a master of shaking out the world of Social, what works, what does not, how to marry that up against your business objectives. Not however to be outdone by his skilled mentoring of execs on how they can personally engage in this sometimes daunting yet essential facet of our new business world.

Kim Clarke, CMO, Vodafone Australia

In 2010, Gareth joined Salesforce.com to take this expertise to the next level as the Cloud trailblazer unleashed a vision for “The Social Enterprise” on the global marketplace.  Gareth was a  key player in the global team that used Social PR to such powerful and innovative effect: writing for the Corporate blog, launching the first local country blog and engaging internationally on behalf of the company through the official @salesforce Twitter channel.

These six years’ corporate B2B Social Communications experience specifically include:

Blog design and content development; post writing and effective dissemination [Eg: designing, birthing and managing Salesforce Australia's "Social Enterprise Down Under Blog" ]

Social network planningmonitoring and engagement; effective Social dissemination of company news/information; [Eg: creation of the @OracleANZ Twitter Network or my involvement in the @salesforce engagement team.]

Social content planning and development (including video, infographics and podcast, etc.) [such as production/project management of the Gadget Guy series for Salesforce Australia]

In 2012, Gareth founded his own consultancy: Artechulate Social Communications, to pursue a mission to help clients better articulate business messages using #social technologies, supported by a belief that Social Media is an essential and powerful tool for individuals and organisations alike to advance their commercial agenda, communicate their message and cultivate relationships and audiences.