How Social Media can help #SMBs: A Playbook

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I have recently completed a series of blog posts for the Salesforce ANZ Blog aimed at providing Small Business with a clear and actionable playbook to help them make the most of the Social Media opportunity. The genesis of the series lay in a research report conducted by Smartcompany magazine and sponsored by Salesforce that […]

A Simple LinkedIn Playbook

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Recently I was interviewed (by email) alongside Mathew Tindale of LinkedIn by SecurePay on how to best leverage LinkedIn as a platform for commercial success. The answers quoted in the article came from a longer email interview I thought I would post here as a rough play book for LinkedIn success… “I think the first […]

Overcoming Two Common Blogging Roadblocks

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It is a common obstacle to a successful Social Media strategy that I encounter whenever I talk to clients and prospects. Bleeding out the expertise of a company’s thought leaders is the secret sauce to any successful content marketing strategy. What a company’s most experienced leaders know about their industry, and the advise they can […]

3 simple Social opportunities you are probably missing

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I’ve been trying to find time to write about this one simple aspect of Social Media that everyone (including me) could be doing much better. Then I saw this post by Jennifer Mattern. It is so wonderful when something has been burning a hole in your brain for months and then you find someone else […]

Design-Thinking Social Media

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Most organisations are still struggling to understand the benefit of Social Media and are stagnated in a Grail-like search for the ROI data point that will win the argument for ever. However, when you place the customer at the centre of your thinking, that search is over far quickly. I have been working on a […]

How Social can Signal a Sure-Thing

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Recently I posted a tweet about using hashtags to prospect for sales which led to an interesting discussion about Social Selling I thought was worth reflecting on. I often think that if you went back in time 20 years or so and told a sales executive that in the future they’d have the power to […]

The 4 Caveats of Automated Social Media

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Social Media Automation is the new black as those engaged in Social Media begin to find elements of it too demanding, or those beginning their Social Media journey sensibly try and make it sustainable from the outset. It is quite understandable. To execute Social Media well requires commitment and time; and small teams or individuals […]

Put Your Social on the Wall!

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A primary problem clients and prospects I speak to have is moving Social from the tactical periphery to the strategic centre.  This might be a person looking to push a Social agenda within their department or team, or an entire department (usually marketing or PR) looking to increase engagement in Social across the wider business. […]

Handling Complaints on Social Media – A Post Mortem

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I’ve had a lot of cause for thought about how Social Media is used for Customer Service this week.  It has led me to some very useful conclusions about what best practice looks like and how to build a formula for successful complaint handling – which is, let’s face it, the “pointy” end of engaging […]

Three Vs of Social Media Quality Control

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Content curation is mission critical to any effective Social Media strategy and the more streamlined and sophisticated you can be about systemising it, the less time it will take as a process.  I’ve written before about effective tools for this – in both curation and capture of good content.  But the way that you hone […]