Social Marketing: Making it Count

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I was asked to write a guest post submission for the @BadRhinoInc Blog.  Bad Rhino is a A community of Social media professionals and enthusiasts sharing ideas about all things Social.  I chose an important topic to cover.  Important because – as I start the post – the most common question today about Social is about how to […]

Klout: What is it and how does it work?

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Have you got “Klout”?  Do you even know?  I think I’ve learnt some things about Klout in recent weeks and months and so thought I would share them here.  However, as with any algorithm-driven machine, we can only guess while the Klout people tweak and change the mathematics to keep us guessing.  Because fundamental to the […]

Six lessons from the guys who #Social-ed Obama into Office

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Thanks to the generosity of a good friend I had the privilege last week of hearing from two of the real pioneers in the use of Social Media to get a message across.  Described by their host, ABC journalist Michael (@M-Brisso) Brissenden, as the Led Zeppelin of Nerdsville; Joe (@Rospars) Rospars and Stephen (@mullerstephen) Muller of Blue […]

Blog Posts: The Long and The Short of It

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In business you must always be careful to guard against “Sacred Cows“.  I was reminded of this again quite recently in a lively discussion with a client.  I have a couple of Sacred Cows I try to avoid being enslaved by.  One is: “Facebook is not for B-to-B”.  Another is: “Brands should not outsource Social Engagement”. […]

The Difference Between Content Marketing and Marketing Content

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Did you know that 57 per cent of the buying process is now complete before the buyer engages the vendor in the process.  That’s almost two thirds over. That rather arresting statistic is from an important study commissioned by Google and conducted and written up by CEB – a “Member-based Advisory Service” – entitled the “The […]

Building your Profile and Network using “Affinity Content”

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When I first started using Twitter, back in January 2008, I hit the same roadblock everyone does:  “What do I say?” In fact, some people never get past that moment and become simply consumers of Social content rather than contributors to it.  These users have become derogatively known as “lurkers”.  But that rather short-sighted opinion […]

The Dell Lesson: Listen Up!

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Last week – through the kind invitation of Nicole (@nicoleatdell) Gemmell – I had the privilege of meeting Dell’s Global Social Media lead, Richard (@ByJove) Margetic at an event in Sydney.  We had a wide ranging chat roaming around the short history of Social Media in business, and as well as being very interesting it was […]

Social Networking: When Loose Ties Draw Tighter

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Early on in my learning about Social Media I came across the concept of “The Loose Tie Network” and it has defined my understanding of Social Networking ever since (first explained to me by Kate @kcarruthers Carruthers  and Stephen @trib Collins .)  The simple idea is that the tenuous acquaintance afforded by Social Networks like LinkedIn and Network; […]

CEOs should Tweet from the Top…

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[Originally posted at the Salesforce Down Under Blog] “Embracing social media isn’t just a bit of fun, it is a vital way to communicate, keep your ear to the ground and improve your business.” These aren’t the words of someone with a vested interest in Social Media.  These are the words of someone who knows: […]

Five key lessons for engaging customers on Twitter

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My website has been something of a train wreck for the last month, beginning with its hacking by what appear to be religiously inspired hackers keen to make a point around the #muslimrage topic.  Many said that running your own business was a challenge, but this certainly wasn’t something I was prepared for! However, it […]