Social SEO Killed The Internet Marketing Star

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[Originally posted on the Salesforce Down Under Blog] Who’d be a Marketeer these days?  No sooner do you develop new skills that a medium dies and you’ve got to shift your skill set again!  First Newspapers, then TV, now Email.  Customers are forever changing the way they like to consume information from brands and it […]

Social: Engage or die

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[Re-posted from The Social Enterprise (Down Under) Blog] Brian Solis of The Altimeter Group has long been a strong proponent of social media and is well known for some of his books such as “Putting the Public back in Public Relations“, “The End of Business as Usual” and “Engage“. To gain a better understanding of the […]

What to do when Social goes wrong?

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[First posted on the Social Enterprise (Down Under) Blog.] Everyone can think of an example where a company or organisation has been “flamed” on Facebook or Twitter – and recently in Australia there seems to have been a spate of them.  So we thought it might be helpful to provide some advice and tips on […]