Social: instant global distribution network – just add Twitter

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Almost every week now, there’s a new benchmark set in the innovative use of Social Media which keeps stretching your horizon of where the limits of this new technology are. Another one took place this week. If you’re not a Blur fan you would have missed this but it’s a powerful example of the way […]

Getting into the Feedback loop…

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  [Re-posted from The Social Enterprise (Down Under) Blog] A visit to a much-talked-about restaurant this weekend provided a very helpful analogy for The Social Enterprise I thought was worth sharing.  It hammered home that maxim that listening is half the battle won when it comes to delighting your customers.  The challenge is being able […]

“Life is Tweet”

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[Re-posted from The Social Enterprise (Down Under) Blog.] I thought it was worth flagging this article which grabbed my attention.   It isn’t just the astonishing statistic that there are now more people on Twitter in the UK (10 million) than buying newspapers (9,002,963) – which in and of itself is astounding.  But it is the fact […]