Customer Service: A question of a Chicken or the Eggs?

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Commercially speaking India is a fascinating experience. But it can be a confronting place to be for a marketeer. Ordinarily, on a day to day basis, consumers filter out a lot of the hype in product and service marketing and, knowing this, marketeers are slack on holding themselves to account on the veracity of their […]

Introducing: “The Experience Architect”

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Someone who has regularly informed my learnings about Social Media since I first began to study it in 2008 is @BrianSolis.  I’ve writen about his expertise here before.  His books – The End of Business as Usual, Engage! and Putting the Public back into Public Relations – have done a lot to guide people’s navigation […]

Social: 4 Simple Tips for Facebook Brand Page Success

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[Posted originally on the Down Under Blog] It doesn’t cost anything to set up a Facebook page for your business, but what then?  Quite often the task of running a brand page on Facebook is a trial and error process – trying out different types of content to see what works.  Often it can […]

Five steps to cultivating your ‘Amplification Cohort’

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I talk to clients about a blog post “boiling up” and I had an instant boil-up when I saw this chart on @AdamVincenzeni’s blog the other day.  It’s a great chart that illustrates a number of key dynamics about social content sharing very well.  It represents well that cycle where a piece of content is […]