How Social Media can help #SMBs: A Playbook

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social-media-for-small-business-creatively-belle-series-roadsignI have recently completed a series of blog posts for the Salesforce ANZ Blog aimed at providing Small Business with a clear and actionable playbook to help them make the most of the Social Media opportunity.

The genesis of the series lay in a research report conducted by Smartcompany magazine and sponsored by Salesforce that revealed that Small Businesses were struggling to understand how best to use Social Media in their business and were unsure how to even identify what value they were getting from their efforts. I personally believe that Social Media has tremendous power to level the playing field for small businesses. It can be the sling that Davids all over the world can use to slay their much larger Goliath competitors. While there is a big opportunity for paid advertising and “pay to play” it is also possible to use the medium at very low cost to gather community around your brand, share your thought leadership and drive traffic to your web site. These were the posts in the series:

1. SMBs Investing their Social Media Dollars In All The Wrong Places - which identifies the gap between the apparent perception Small businesses have of Social Media, and the reality

2. Social Media is about Customer Advocacy, not Sales - which points at the critical power of Social Power

3. Content: It isn’t about you, it’s about them. – establishing the winning formula to make content marketing work for your business

4. 5 Ways Small Business can Build a Community Using Social-SEO – how to build a community of loyal customers aqround your brand

5. Customer Engagement: Why Social Media is The Holy Grail for SMBs – how to achieve the end game: customer engagement

6. Social Media for SMBs: The 3 Stages of ROI Measurement - finally, how to know how much success you are having

As a Small Business myself, I understand that all SMBs face tremendous limitations and constraints on all  resources, be they money, people or time. They have to be confident what they are embarking on will deliver results that help them grow their business. In time, and with commitment, Social Media can deliver huge and varied value for very modest financial investment and for that reason I am very passionate about helping SMBs go Social. Hopefully this series will grow SMB confidence in their journey to being Social SMBs.

For the wider report by Smartcompany that examines many technology trends impacting small businesses – follow this link to download the eBook.


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