Insource Your Social

Ultimately, it is undoubtedly the best-case scenario to bring your Social Media activities in-house.  It is a much more sustainable, affordable and authentic approach.  The following are proven service models for how Artechulate can assist your business in either bringing an existing outsourced Social Media service in-house, or in kick-starting a new strategy internally.Insourced Social Services schematic

  1. Social Media Audit – A quick appraisal of existing assets and activity with top line recommendations for improvement  and a proposal/budget of Artechulate services to assit that improvement.  Capped at AUD$750.
  2. Social Strategy Blueprint Development - strategic development of a comprehensive manual for the implementation and ongoing execution of a Social strategy including channel selection and account establishment, content strategy design, resources audit and enablement, ongoing activity planning, process design and influencer relations campaigns. Anchored on a 2 hour Discovery Workshop (manual drafting can take 1-2 weeks depending on scope).  Project based and priced according to scale.
  3. Social Incubation Program.  A block of on-site consultancy days aimed at fork-lifting an existing Social Media effort.  Can include a Social channels audit, content curation process development, engagement protocol design, enablement training, monitoring and measurement review. Project-based.
  4. Blog Incubation Program. A block of on-site consultancy days designed specifically to kick-start a corporate blog strategy. Includes blog design assistance, blog content strategy development, blog content drafting and blogger enablement training and mentoring. Project-based.
  5. Social Enablement Training – A suite of training workshops including a variety of modules such as social networking, personal branding and reputation management, Social content curation and development and corporate brand engagement. Project-based.