Outsource Your Social

OS bizeezWhile it is ideally the best case scenario to manage your Social Media Marketing in-house, some individuals and organisations simply do not have the budget, resources or bandwidth available to do so.  In this case, Artechulate can offer a number of out-sourced services to manage certain activities on your behalf, until such a time that those activities can be brought in house.  These proven outsourced services are charged on a retainer basis and managed through monthly meetings to review and adapt activity.  They include:

  • Executive Social Profile Management – Based on an agreed stratergy this program includes the ongoing curation of third party ‘affinity content’ (with a proven system for approvals), ghost posting, engagement monitoring and response execution, measurement and reporting. Can also include blog drafting.  Retainer-based.
  • Social Community Management – Ongoing outsourced Twitter account management including “affinity content” curation, ghost posting, engagement monitoring, response execution, reporting and measurement.  Retainer-based.
  • Blog Content Support Program – ghost writing and posting of regular blog content (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on budget.) guest post solicitation. Retainer-based.
Ultimately, when the time is right, Artechulate can help bring those activities in-house with a proven package of services detailed here.