Overcoming Two Common Blogging Roadblocks

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It is a common obstacle to a successful Social Media strategy that I encounter whenever I talk to clients and prospects. Bleeding out the expertise of a company’s thought leaders is the secret sauce to any successful content marketing strategy. What a company’s most experienced leaders know about their industry, and the advise they can […]

Five ways SMBs can use Blogging to level the playing field

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“Blogging gives small business global reach at extremely low cost.”  So said the Godfathers of the Blog, Shel @shelisrael Israel and Robert @scobleizer Scoble, in their 2006 Blogging Bible, Naked Conversations (pictured).  Although seemingly an ancient text now in the fast moving world of Social Media, the plethora of truisms throughout this book (still in […]

Social Marketing: Making it Count

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I was asked to write a guest post submission for the @BadRhinoInc Blog.  Bad Rhino is a A community of Social media professionals and enthusiasts sharing ideas about all things Social.  I chose an important topic to cover.  Important because – as I start the post – the most common question today about Social is about how to […]

Blog Posts: The Long and The Short of It

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In business you must always be careful to guard against “Sacred Cows“.  I was reminded of this again quite recently in a lively discussion with a client.  I have a couple of Sacred Cows I try to avoid being enslaved by.  One is: “Facebook is not for B-to-B”.  Another is: “Brands should not outsource Social Engagement”. […]