Design-Thinking Social Media

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Most organisations are still struggling to understand the benefit of Social Media and are stagnated in a Grail-like search for the ROI data point that will win the argument for ever. However, when you place the customer at the centre of your thinking, that search is over far quickly. I have been working on a […]

Handling Complaints on Social Media – A Post Mortem

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I’ve had a lot of cause for thought about how Social Media is used for Customer Service this week. ¬†It has led me to some very useful conclusions about what best practice looks like and how to build a formula for successful complaint handling – which is, let’s face it, the “pointy” end of engaging […]

How Marketing is wasting the Social Opportunity

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There is something very wrong with the way the Corporate sector has sought to grasp the opportunity of Social Media. ¬†This week I’ve seen a lot of evidence that a significant shift needs to be made towards managing Social Media’s potential much better. ¬†Controversially, central to that might be wresting some control of it away […]