Put Your Social on the Wall!

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A primary problem clients and prospects I speak to have is moving Social from the tactical periphery to the strategic centre.  This might be a person looking to push a Social agenda within their department or team, or an entire department (usually marketing or PR) looking to increase engagement in Social across the wider business. […]

Has the Social-Business Vision “Failed”?

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It is a confronting accusation posed in a powerful Medium Post over the weekend by Addvocate Founder and CEO Marcus (@marcusnelson) Nelson – The Next Social Imperative: “Failed promise. Failed mission. #Fail.”.  It is one I felt I had to respond to as it does go right to the heart of what is wrong with […]

The Dell Lesson: Listen Up!

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Last week – through the kind invitation of Nicole (@nicoleatdell) Gemmell – I had the privilege of meeting Dell’s Global Social Media lead, Richard (@ByJove) Margetic at an event in Sydney.  We had a wide ranging chat roaming around the short history of Social Media in business, and as well as being very interesting it was […]