To Out-source or not to Out-source, that is the question…

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“Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer/The Slings and Arrows of internal resource constraints/Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles/And by outsourcing  Social Media, end them?” William Shakespeare, Hamlet It seems to be that the Social Media Industry is impaled on the horns of a dilemma: is it better to out-source Social […]

Make 2014 the Year of Engagement

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“Look at Facebook not as a platform to force  [marketing] messages onto consumers, but a way to cultivate relationships.” Ashley Coombe, All Inclusive Marketing While the quote itself – in an article by Kelly (@KellyhClay) Clay on Forbes – pertains specifically to Facebook and considers what Social Media Managers need to think about in 2014, I […]

Has the Social-Business Vision “Failed”?

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It is a confronting accusation posed in a powerful Medium Post over the weekend by Addvocate Founder and CEO Marcus (@marcusnelson) Nelson – The Next Social Imperative: “Failed promise. Failed mission. #Fail.”.  It is one I felt I had to respond to as it does go right to the heart of what is wrong with […]

Don’t hang up on the Social Phone!

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The Cloud is a godsend for a small business or lone operator like myself.  No end of mission-critical applications in The Cloud support my work with ever-up internet services and intuitive iOS apps available for the iPad and iPhone.  Google Drive has become essential very quickly and very nicely for free replacing the need for […]

Social: Engage or die

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[Re-posted from The Social Enterprise (Down Under) Blog] Brian Solis of The Altimeter Group has long been a strong proponent of social media and is well known for some of his books such as “Putting the Public back in Public Relations“, “The End of Business as Usual” and “Engage“. To gain a better understanding of the […]

What to do when Social goes wrong?

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[First posted on the Social Enterprise (Down Under) Blog.] Everyone can think of an example where a company or organisation has been “flamed” on Facebook or Twitter – and recently in Australia there seems to have been a spate of them.  So we thought it might be helpful to provide some advice and tips on […]

Getting into the Feedback loop…

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  [Re-posted from The Social Enterprise (Down Under) Blog] A visit to a much-talked-about restaurant this weekend provided a very helpful analogy for The Social Enterprise I thought was worth sharing.  It hammered home that maxim that listening is half the battle won when it comes to delighting your customers.  The challenge is being able […]