PRESS: For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for thee Email…

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Last week Artechulate got its second run in the media.  The first was this launch interview with Andrew McMurty at Media Connect Blog Influencing – Llewellyn Artechulates a new social direction - which broadly spelt out the premise that inspired Artechulate in the first place. But altogether more exciting is the first mainstream press mention in the Sydney Morning Herald […]

Why I quit traditional PR

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Late last year I was asked to give a lecture to a UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) Communications class about social media.  Thinking of these students embarking on their PR careers, I took pause to reflect on my near-two decades PR career so far.  It was a very interesting, albeit humbling, process.  (See the slides […]

“Life is Tweet”

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[Re-posted from The Social Enterprise (Down Under) Blog.] I thought it was worth flagging this article which grabbed my attention.   It isn’t just the astonishing statistic that there are now more people on Twitter in the UK (10 million) than buying newspapers (9,002,963) – which in and of itself is astounding.  But it is the fact […]