How Social Media can help #SMBs: A Playbook

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I have recently completed a series of blog posts for the Salesforce ANZ Blog aimed at providing Small Business with a clear and actionable playbook to help them make the most of the Social Media opportunity. The genesis of the series lay in a research report conducted by Smartcompany magazine and sponsored by Salesforce that […]

Five ways SMBs can use Blogging to level the playing field

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“Blogging gives small business global reach at extremely low cost.” ¬†So said the Godfathers of the Blog, Shel @shelisrael Israel and Robert @scobleizer Scoble, in their 2006 Blogging Bible, Naked Conversations (pictured). ¬†Although seemingly an ancient text now in the fast moving world of Social Media, the plethora of truisms throughout this book (still in […]