A Simple LinkedIn Playbook

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Recently I was interviewed (by email) alongside Mathew Tindale of LinkedIn by SecurePay on how to best leverage LinkedIn as a platform for commercial success. The answers quoted in the article came from a longer email interview I thought I would post here as a rough play book for LinkedIn success… “I think the first […]

3 simple Social opportunities you are probably missing

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I’ve been trying to find time to write about this one simple aspect of Social Media that everyone (including me) could be doing much better. Then I saw this post by Jennifer Mattern. It is so wonderful when something has been burning a hole in your brain for months and then you find someone else […]

Building your Profile and Network using “Affinity Content”

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When I first started using Twitter, back in January 2008, I hit the same roadblock everyone does:  “What do I say?” In fact, some people never get past that moment and become simply consumers of Social content rather than contributors to it.  These users have become derogatively known as “lurkers”.  But that rather short-sighted opinion […]

Social Networking: When Loose Ties Draw Tighter

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Early on in my learning about Social Media I came across the concept of “The Loose Tie Network” and it has defined my understanding of Social Networking ever since (first explained to me by Kate @kcarruthers Carruthers  and Stephen @trib Collins .)  The simple idea is that the tenuous acquaintance afforded by Social Networks like LinkedIn and Network; […]