3 simple Social opportunities you are probably missing

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homer-computer-dohI’ve been trying to find time to write about this one simple aspect of Social Media that everyone (including me) could be doing much better. Then I saw this post by Jennifer Mattern. It is so wonderful when something has been burning a hole in your brain for months and then you find someone else who not only thinks the same thing but writes it for you too! So thank you Jennifer!

Like Jennifer,  I’ve also noticed a very, very simple little tweak almost everyone could make to improve their exposure on Twitter as well as increase inbound traffic, and it probably will take their Webmaster about 10 minutes to do. While incredibly simple, I feel it is also symptomatic of the tick-box approach so many organisations have to Social Media. (‘Social share buttons? Tick. Next.’) But this is a huge opportunity to better maximise your content marketing assets.

I find as I consult clients about Twitter in particular, overlooking this particular little hack is as common as omitting to include a URL on their Twitter profile or hash-tagging keywords in their biography (or even tweets for that matter). These are the little details that can really help increase exposure and engagement and give your campaigns a much bigger bang but with very little effort.

The huge opportunity available here is to actually help draft the tweets people use to share your content; making it so much more likely that they will do so.


There’s almost no web site that doesn’t have social share buttons of some kind on their content – these are the buttons that help visitors share your content out onto their social networks on your behalf – especially when they are on mobile devices.  They can be responsible for a good proportion of your website traffic and can drive Social audience growth. Sites that have this feature are shared Socially as much as 7 times more than those that do not, according to Brightedge Research. Moreover, among the 10,000 largest websites, those that feature Twitter share buttons are, on average, mentioned in 27 tweets that contain a link back to the site (versus only 4 from those that do not). This is powerful stuff. Logically as blog owners you should take more care of how these tweets are written. Here are three aspects you should pay attention to:

  1. 1. Include your Twitter Handle to increase your profile and grow your follow audience (Jennifer has this covered)
  2. 2. Shorten the URL automatically (and there are tools to do this) so you can track link-backs but also make more space in the tweet for the visitor to include their own commentary
  3. 3. Better still, set the hashtag so you can easily track shares, but also ensure your content is fed into relevant strategic search stacks as well, further increasing your exposure where you want it

These tricks are quite technical and while there are tools and resources on the web to help you do this, it is best to solicit the help of your digital team or agency, webmaster or even a technically savvy mate to make sure you get it right. But by taking care of the simple things in Social you can focus more time on the bigger stuff like content creation and engagement.

(As I said, I too should be doing this a lot better but don’t have the web skills to make it work. The WordPress widget I have installed for this just doesn’t seem to work properly meaning the Hashtag I include doesn’t appear in the share message. Anyone out there who has the easy answer to this problem please get in touch in the comments! #doasIsaynotasIdo !)

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